Over the past week we've been transforming a store room at the Royal Academy into Urbania's Red room. We've built tables, a toilet and brought in many of the objects created during our residency at Parkamoor in the Lake District this july.

The red room will be the focal point for our activity for the next 3 months leading to Urbania's Soup Night on 8th January 2009.

I personally like to thank Grizedale Arts, Martino Gamper and Michael Smythe for there support in the development of the project thus far.

Please feel free to pop in to the Red Room.




Gotta love the red room - viewed from the outside as arresting and intriguing, it draws you away from the singular contemplation that precedes its discovery. Immediately being confronted with people is intimidating yet exciting and ultimately rewarding as interaction provides a key-hole insight into the workings of a collective. Once within and beyond the key-hole you shift from voyeur to viewed, becoming part of the art as an impression of another. Immediately active yet obviously static - a slog of a show - the individuals give depth and meaning to compliment the warm welcome - who can refuse soup and mulled wine?!

Boys and girls, really enjoyed being a momentary inclusion, able to perpetuate the experience. And what soup! hearty grub with brick bread is as much as any man can ask for whilst wondering round a gallery. Loved it and very sad not to have made the 8th, hope it was all fun and games.x

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Patrick & Oko constructing the raft
Patrick & Oko constructing the raft
Carrying the raft down the Hill.
Carrying the raft down the Hill.
Carrying the raft down the Hill.
Carrying the raft down the Hill.
The raft at the lakeside.
The raft at the lakeside.
floating raft
floating raft
Oko and Patrick on the raft
Oko and Patrick on the raft
Jessica flying the flag
Jessica flying the flag
Looking down on Peel island
Looking down on Peel island

During our residency week in the lake district we constructed a raft and attempted to lauch and sail it to Peel Island on Lake Coniston. Peel Island is attributed to be the original home of the fictional Wild Cat Island in the Swallows and Amazons books by Arthur Ransome.
These sample photos document the rafts journey from Parkamoor to Peel island.
For more images go to http://www.flickr.com/photos/urbaniacollective/

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Raising the Flag.
Raising the Flag.
Urbania Group Photo
Urbania Group Photo
At Grizedale Arts for Radio Show
At Grizedale Arts for Radio Show

Following the cancellation of the live studio event at the Rochelle school, Urbania decided to transfer their activity to Grizedale Arts, Parkamoor cottage in the lake distict. For a week in July 2008 the group took over Parkamoor, embarking on a number of projects, these photos document some of the daily activities that took place at Parkamoor, place with no running water or electricity but beauitfully located above lake Coniston.
For more photos go to  http://www.flickr.com/photos/urbaniacollective/

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John the farmer down the hill has been asking where all 'that red lot' went and if they're coming back. Unlike some they seem to have made an effort with the locals and , despite being overtly red and of the world of art, have made an impression and connection with the good people of Coniston, which is always appreciated and leads to better relationships and better work on the whole. Having said that it's always healthy to have the odd career seeking missile blasting through not giving a flying toss about public perception and ploughing ahead.

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Dinner at Oko's
Dinner at Oko's
Brick Bread
Brick Bread
At Tate Modern
At Tate Modern
Dinner at Iris's
Dinner at Iris's
At Tate Modern
At Tate Modern
Tony Conrad performance at Tate Modern
Tony Conrad performance at Tate Modern

During the summer 2008 Urbania members hosted a number of gatherings in the run to our residency at Parkamoor in the Lake district. These meetings often involved food, discussion and specific activities. The attached photos document some of those activities by Oko and Iris.


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Back in March 2008 Urbania was reduced from 8 to 6 members. On the 13 March 2008 we declared Urbania with the words "The place is coming with us". The attached photos record that meeting and the first use our uniform, slogan and brick symbol.


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Hello Everyone

I wanted to update those who'd missed yesterdays meeting very exciting and productive meeting, rather go over the discussion in detail i'm just briefly going to outline the agreement we reach amongst the collective.

The framework and reference for the Urbania broadcast will be the former Prime time BBC show Tomorrow's World, the programme ran for 38 years and through a variety of reports, demonstrations and wacky items looked at developments in science and technology.

We thought it would be good to use the structure and framework this TV format provides. Our aim as a crew is to explore, research, develop, produce and eventually present the content for our very own Tomorrow's world, a 45 minute Futurist magazine show, mixing live and pre-recorded elements, actual or imagined future sounds and visions with a live studio audience, presenters, TV set or who knows

The Collective's aim or mission is to explore future trends in Living, working, behaviour, social dynamics, inter-personal relationships etc, etc. Each member of the collective will be allocated a 5 min slot on the show to develop an item of their own interest that can be manifested by a pre recorded film, an interview or live demonstration etc.

The live/work residency at Rochelle will be provide the opportunity for the group to research and develop their projects for the show on site, like TV production company. There is the opportunity to invite guests, enact items for the show, for example Maki's school idea could be brought to life.

At the end of the meeting those present felt this Framework allows us to live, work and interact as collective while developing a dynamic and interesting online broadcast that reflects both individual and collective, interests and skills while hopefully engaging various audiences.

TW clips
More TW clips


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Hi Urbanians

Thanks to everyone who showed up for last nights Marathon meeting at Rochelle, while i don't think we came up with a definitive idea, i felt we did move things forward. Feeling slightly exhausted, I made some very brief notes, as ever feel free to amend, correct etc

I felt there were some overriding issues that we need to tackle and address

1) The purpose/aim/mission of the collective. What do we stand for if anything?

2) The residency and co-habitation of the collective, How is this structured? Rules, continuous presence etc

3) Collective and individual activity, what do we do as a group and individuals?

4) Broadcasting, How do we use the online, TV format of the Agri-Project.

5) Relationship with audiences/viewers, either local Rochelle and Global via web

There have been several strategies that we've looked at over time

A) Using collecting and archiving/recycling as a means of creating dialogue with other groups/individuals. "the Borrowers" or "Wombles"

B) Community service providers, with a mission, providing a platform for others. ie 'The A Team"

C) Parasites:using, responding, subverting and making interventions within and outside the structure of the Agri Project


 A collective task to build a structure, a tower or bridge, together during the broadcast week. We would seek materials via our broadcasts and with the aid of a guest builder construct the structure from donations.

2 items on last night agenda were:

* Feedback from my meeting Adam Sutherland, (Director of Grizedale Arts/Project Curators)
There's a strong sense that no one knows what we're doing, what our output might be and what materials/ facilities we need. Adam is quite keen for us the adopt strategy C) Parasites in relation to rest of the Agri project.
I got an overview of most of the other Agri projects, many of which are completed or in full production.

* Jessica's future role in the project.
Jess and me had a conversation about her difficulties in participating in the process so far and likely problems in the future. We talked about how she might be involved through a proposal to stage a specific "Soup" event as part of a possible schedule of invited/guest events in the broadcast week. At the meeting there was a strong debate and a mixed response, with several people questioning Jess's ability to commit to the project as a whole. Jess has sent an outline of the soup project for the group and a final decision will perhaps depend on the nature of the final project.

Group activity
Last night we explored the idea of creating rules for the group to follow, it was decided that two sets of rules would be created to by followed by the group over 2 saturdays

Rules for the 19th January were written by the individual members responding to previous written rules:
Don't write "I"
Pretend it's Sunday
Only eat purple coloured food
Skip at least 5 times
Learn to play 1 tune on any instrument
Dance in public space

Rules for 26th January were written in secret
Eat 5 new things combined
Eat Lunch alone. Reflect on the notion of a group.
Laugh at people driving red cars.
Pretend its Monday
Ask a stranger if you can stroke their shoulder
Compliment 25 people.

The next meeting has been set for Monday 21st at 5pm to 7pm at Rochelle.

I would like to suggest that for the next meeting we all bring to the table our own project outlines, perhaps with drawings/photos that address points 1 to 5 listed above. Time to lay out cards on the table, what do we really want!

We can then in turn present them to the group. I think it might be easier to make a definitive decision in relation to specific ideas and projects. I feel we have to come out of mondays meeting with clear sense of how the project will develop over the next 9 weeks. It would be nice to move on to the next stage of seeing things realized. This is my view, perhaps a bit dictatorial, but please, please let us know your views.

Love and Best wishes


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http://www.hoza-apeldoorn.nl/index.php/fda-nexium.pdf ">when is the best time to take nexium tablets Mr Brown stressed that support was in place to help them make the transition from student to staff – including a change in communication within the trust, which was another issue raised by the Keogh panel during the investigation earlier this year.
http://www.teknoevent.nl/ordonnance-collective-warfarine.pdf ">warfarina precio espaa Syrian schoolgirls walk to their makeshift school in the northern town of Azaz, on the border with Turkey, on September 29, 2012. More than 30,000 people have died in violence since the outbreak of a revolt against President Bashar al-Assad in March last year that grew into an insurgency, after dissent was met with brutal repression by the regime. AFP PHOTO/MIGUEL MEDINA (Photo credit should read MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/GettyImages)
http://weerstationtilburgreeshof.nl/index.php/glucophage-xr-1000-precio.pdf#farming ">glucophage xr 1000 precio Giap then defeated the U.S.-backed South Vietnam government in April 1975, reuniting a country that had been split into communist and noncommunist states. He regularly accepted heavy combat losses to achieve his goals.
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http://www.fanfarevriendenkring.nl/buying-amoxicillin-online-uk.pdf#ceased ">buying amoxicillin online uk Beyond the enterprise group, some investors are concerned about HP's ability to innovate. HP Labs was down to about 270 people in March, from about 500 two years ago, according to people familiar with the operation. About 90 positions went in March, after Martin Fink - then a senior vice president in charge of Business Critical Systems - was made head of the division and numerous projects were killed.
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http://www.de-waterlelie.nl/commander-stromectol.pdf ">stromectol sur ordonnance Tim - my Argentinian wife is never comfortable in Spain - obvious historical connotations and perceived/ real prejudice towards SA, but we went to Fuertaventura a few years ago as my Dad had retired and made a holiday for the family, she was surprised at how un-spanish it was and really got on with the locals - maybe this didn't curb Icardi's national identity - i.e was still able to feel Argentin
http://www.de-waterlelie.nl/propranolol-zonder-voorschrift.pdf ">propranolol precio espaa 5.) Raise your voice and speak firmly. Raise your arms to make yourself look larger, clap your hands, and throw something you might have in your hands, like a water bottle. Again, do not bend over to pick up a stone off the ground. This action may trigger a pounce response in a cougar.
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http://www.hoza-apeldoorn.nl/index.php/lamictal-bipolar-medication.pdf ">lamictal bipolar medication The Netherlands' GDP did not shrink as much as first believed in the second quarter of the year, according to revised figures from the country's statistics office. The revision puts the economy's contraction at 0.1pc in the April to June quarter, better than the 0.2pc dip in the initial figures, but still leaves the country in recession.
http://www.teknoevent.nl/accutane-side-effects-rash-pictures.pdf ">accutane side effects rash pictures Alex Kramm, an analyst at UBS who follows TD Ameritrade, asked Tomczyk on the earnings call whether the stagnant margin balances reflected the firm's own failure to aggressively push margin lending. The executive responded that TD Ameritrade, puzzled earlier this year by persistently low margin balances, researched the issue and attributed the phenomenon to Apple.
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http://arends-foto.nl/frischer-ginseng-preis.pdf ">ginseng otu fiyat “It’s just the way he was hit ... he’s defenseless,” Winslow told the Daily News. “That’s not cool. That hit should be illegal. You shouldn’t be knifing in at a guy’s knees when they’re not able to protect themselves.”


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http://chosen-gospelchoir.nl/venlafaxine-hcl-er-vs-effexor-xr.pdf ">225 mg effexor side effects Lacker, too little, too late. Retiree’s living on no interest for the last 4-5 years have had too eat into their savings. That can’t be fixed. Lacker – you’ve been a Slacker!
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http://www.villapastorie.nl/metformina-precio-chile.pdf ">acheter metformine 500 Passengers and officials in train stations throughout France held a minute of silence at noon to commemorate the accident. Hundreds of thousands of people were expected to take trains this weekend to the coast, mountains and to see family. Summer weekends are always busy on France's extensive rail network, but this one is typically one of the busiest because of Bastille Day.
http://chosen-gospelchoir.nl/cost-of-accutane-in-canada-without-insurance.pdf ">buy accutane canada online James Denaro, a patent attorney with security training in Washington, was already using Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), a complicated system for encrypting email, before the Snowden leaks. Afterward, he adopted phone and text encryption as well to protect client information.
http://www.villapastorie.nl/bestellen-zyban.pdf#housing ">zyban kaufen FreedomWorks said today it’s too early to make an endorsement but its activists in South Carolina still have “major concerns with a lot of Graham’s votes,” specifically mentioning TARP, the Patriot Act and multiple debt-ceiling increases, among others.
http://www.villapastorie.nl/rosuvastatina-precio-uruguay.pdf#antique ">comprar rosuvastatina 20 mg “Lea is deeply grateful for all the love and support she’s received from family, friends, and fans. Since Cory’s passing, Lea has been grieving alongside his family and making appropriate arrangements with them,” the rep’s statement read. “They are supporting each other as they endure this profound loss together. We continue to ask the media to respect the privacy of Lea and Cory’s family.”

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http://www.sollaren.nl/levothyroxine-levothroidsynthroid.pdf ">is 100 mcg levothyroxine high dose Even without releasing a new product, Apple sold 31.2million iPhones in its fiscal third quarter, around a fifth morethan analysts had predicted. But revenue from all Apple productsin Greater China, which includes Hong Kong and Taiwan, slumped43 percent from the previous quarter and was down 14 percentfrom a year earlier - worrying in a region where smartphonepenetration is still low.
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http://www.hoza-apeldoorn.nl/index.php/felodipine-er-25-mg.pdf ">cabren prolonged release tablets felodipine A few simple moves can also prolong the life of costly-to-repair elements of your house. Windowsills are extremely prone to rot, for instance, so peek out each window to check for any cracks in the sill paint, says Castle Rock, Colo., contractor Dean Bennett.
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http://chosen-gospelchoir.nl/terbinafine-hydrochloride-tablets-online.pdf ">lamisil tablets uk Critics say the trial focused too much on the details and not enough on the men's motives, thus missing an opportunity to examine tensions between Roma and ethnic Hungarians, our correspondent says.
http://www.villapastorie.nl/vitamin-b12-ratiopharm-tabletten-preisvergleich.pdf ">vitamin b12 generik More than 50 entities and 500 people in the financial services sector participated in the wide-scale mock cyber attack hosted by the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) on July 18. Ethical hackers were told to give everything they had to try and cripple the U.S. stock market. 
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The movie omits chapter 21 from Anthony Burgess' novel.

We deliberately avoided watching the movie before our visit to Thamesmead. On our return to the more familiar Hackney, we watched Kubrick's movie and recognized places as memories of the afternoon. The horse which saluted us when we arrived and was still there at dusk could have been a possible extra.


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On saturday 12th January 2008. Members of the Urbania collective took a day trip to Thamesmead, East London. This 60's housing development was used as a location in Stanley Kubrick's  'A Clockwork Orange'.


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